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Be thankful for everything

that happens in your life,

it's all an experience. 

Ya Ha Tinda

Summer 2021

We are so privileged to be able to enjoy the west country together as a family. Rylin talked about this trip non-stop for months leading up to it and we think it met her (critical) expectations for camping, riding and time with friends and family!

Tessa and Stetson competed in their first cattle dog trial which was hosted by Ranch Dog Inc. at Rafter V Ranch in Outlook, SK. They came home with 3rd in the Novice aggregate. Tessa also took Stetson and Brim to a sheep arena trial in Big Stone, AB. It was Brim's first trial (and Stetson's first one on sheep). Brim was fantastic for an 11 month old pup and Stetson ended up winning the Novice aggregate jackpot. Training and using stock dogs has been a growing passion of Tessa's for over 5 years now and this summer she enjoyed some fantastic learning opportunities and loved dedicating more hours to training. 

Stock Dog
Border Collie

Photo courtesy Rosemary Currie

Photo courtesy Ranch Dog Inc.

Crossing Creek Cattle Sale

Spring 2021

Our conversation about our operation with Matt McIntosh is featured in the March 2021 issue of FCC AgriSuccess.

Read the article on page 14 here.

We were also interviewed for an Alberta Farmer Express article in June 2020. Read the article here.

Artificial Insemination Club Calf
Picturing Cattle

Ruger the wonder cat who has used up far more than his 9 lives and could probably write a book on the hijinks he has survived. Considering the wild game (jack rabbit, duck, weasel, gopher to name a few of the more exotic things) he has brought home he is one B.A. kitty. We would be remiss to not mention his contributions at picturing time. Unfortunately not standing at stud - he is two stones too light to make the breeding program.

Winter 2020

Meet "Brim" - the newest bovine relocation specialist at Crossing Creek Cattle! High hopes for this little gal but for now she's just a pile of fun and snuggles for Rylin (and us!)

Border Collies

Winter 2019

The new supervisor, Rylin Bree Verbeek, arrived on January 20th. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes!

Colin and Tessa Verbeek
Colin and Tessa Verbeek Canadian Cattlemen Magazine

Winter 2016

It was a privilege to be featured in the February 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen magazine. Read the article here.


In winter 2014 we broke ground on bare pasture land south of Colin's parents and began construction on our barn. Tessa took the position of General Manager with the Canadian Limousin Association in May 2015, construction was underway on our house and we were married in July 2015. We moved onto our place in October 2015 and have been working steadily to continue to build the facilities since.

Crossing Creek Cattle Barn
Cattlemen's Young Leaders


Colin and Tessa were fortunate to both be selected for the Cattlemen's Young Leaders Development Program in 2014. Colin was mentored by Dyce Bolduc. Tessa was mentored by Jamie-Rae Pittman. We had excellent mentors and a phenomenal group of other CYL participants. We took a great deal from this opportunity and have lasting friendships and connections from the program. 

As part of her W. Garfield Weston Scholarship, Tessa was allocated funds to work abroad during a summer between or following completion of her post-secondary. After graduating from the Agricultural Management, Marketing major program at Olds College (Colin in 2013, Tessa in 2014) - we spent part of June 2014 in New Zealand and all of July and August 2014 in Australia. We worked for a month at Manali Limousin at Scone, NSW.  We had the most phenomenal time with the entire McCallum family. An experience we will always treasure!

Colin and Tessa Verbeek Austrlia Manali Limousin rare bull sale
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