Lot 2 From Fall Prospect Sale Wins Reserve Champion at Taber

Bandit at Taber 5.jpg
Lot 2 from my 2014 fall prospect calf sale took Reserve Champion Open Jackpot Steer honours at the 2014 edition of the Taber Junior Livestock Classic on Saturday, November 1st!

I was beyond excited and proud to hear of his success with his new owner, Heidi Tymko of St. Paul, Alberta. Huge congratulations to her not only for her success with Bandit but also in the marketing and showmanship competitions! I'm certain that anyone who has sold purebred or show cattle for any length of time knows this feeling well, but for me it was truly the greatest feeling ever to hear that a calf I bred, raised, and worked with had been so very successful only weeks after being purchased from me.

Lot 2 was a very special calf, not only as a standout lot and ultimately the high seller in my fall sale but right from the night he was born. Here's a little story about why Lot 2 is extra special that I would like to share with you.

It was February 1st, Colin and I drove an hour away from home to judge a 4-H public speaking competition and both my parents were at work. My show heifer Smokin' Guns (an Eye Candy daughter I raised myself, out of a Simmental cow) was due to calve any day so we kept her in the barn and crossed our fingers she wouldn't calves while we were all away. It was a bit of a nerve racking drive home thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong while we were away all day but we arrived home to find her completely fine and no calf yet. We went to bed at midnight, and knowing she was close Colin and I got up to check her at 3:00 am. Sure enough, at 3:00 am there she was on her side with a calf coming but only a big white head and one leg were out, the other leg was stuck back. After frantically calling the house to wake my parents/the vet (luckily my Dad and the vet are one in the same), my Dad miraculously got the calf pushed back in, straightened out both legs and we got him pulled out alright. As anyone who has ever owned cattle will understand, calving issues are immensely stressful as it is, but when it is your special show heifer a negative outcome for the calf or the heifer would have been so very devastating.


I don't usually name calves that I intend to sell but I knew this calf was special from the beginning. With his one goggle eye and a mother called "Smokey" around home, he became known as "Bandit". That night we stayed out in the barn until about 7:00 in the morning with "Smokey and the Bandit" drying him off (he even got blown out for the first time haha!). Luckily this all occurred on a Saturday night so Sunday we slept in until nearly noon. Colin decided we should go out to Ya Ha Tinda for the afternoon and so we did and he ended up proposing there! It was literally the only day within months that Colin could pop the question since I had booked cattle clinics and other events for every weekend in January, February and March! Poor Colin was pretty thankful the calving had a positive outcome as it may not have been such as joyous day to propose if things had not turned out so well! Ironically, Bandit also has the same birthday as his new owner, Heidi Tymko! Too perfect!!

Lot 2 on pasture July 2014.jpg

From the day he was born I knew Bandit was going to be an impressive calf, and he only got better with age. I am so very looking forward to watching as Bandit, and the rest of the calves that sold in my sale are exhibited at many of the spring shows and Calgary Stampede.

Bandit at Taber 4.jpg
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