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This month I am pleased to have two articles published in the Alberta Farmer Express newspaper. Both articles are about events and programs at the upcoming Farmfair International.

Alberta Farmer Article 1.JPG

The Heritage Ranch Rodeo has always been a favourite event for my family and I to attend during Farmfair International. Long-time Heritage Ranch Rodeo announcer, Gord Colliar, is also a good friend of my Dad's so I greatly enjoyed writing this article about the event and the voice behind it.,

Alberta Farmer Article 2.JPG

Prior to writing this article I had only heard about the Farmfair International Inbound Buyer program, but had not had personal involvement in it. Through research and interviews I learnt a great deal about this exceptional program and the value it holds for Canadian purebred producers. I will certainly be paying close attention to the Inbound Buyer Program this year at Farmfair International and into the future.

I am very happy with how these two articles turned out in print and am looking forward to Farmfair International 2014! We will be moving the Hillview Farms showstring in on Tuesday... only 6 days away! Hair will be flying for the next couple of days as we do the final clip on Hillview Farms' five Limousin head as well as clipping a couple head of Red Angus for Tufty Nay Farms.

See you at Farmfair!

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