Bow Valley Beef & Multi 4-H Club Cattle Clinic

It was another big weekend for us that included faciliating a full day cattle clinic for the Bow Valley Beef & Multi 4-H Club near Strathmore. As always, Harlow came with us to assist in our demonstration.

We started the morning off with a discussion about what to look for in both steers and females when selecting your 4-H project and how the conformation of your calf affects how you clip him/her. We used chalk to show the different parts of the animal in relation to clipping and the techniques used to clip each area. Types of clippers, blades, and how to care for each item was also discussed. We finished off the morning with a demonstration of the products used for washing and fitting your calf and how to use each product.

The club served a wonderful lunch and we went straight into a busy afternoon of showmanship and clipping. The members were split into two groups with one group coming with me to discuss halter breaking techniques, equipment needed for showing your calf, how to dress and act in the showring, and be the best showman you can be! The other half of the club took their steers into the chutes and got to work clipping their own calves with Colin's assistance. The two groups swtiched halfway through the afternoon to allow everyone a chance to clip their steer and learn about showmanship.

We had a great day with the Bow Valley members and their families! We have a few more clinics on the calendar for the remainder of April and May as well as an exciting list of 4-H shows that I will be judging showmanship at in May! We're looking forward to a very busy spring!

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